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Good writing, great dialogue and the surprise ending was a jolt! This would make a nice chapter in a larger story....
I 'feel' this is a great 1st chapter to a 'short' story.

Now Tina seems to be a Jekyll/ Hyde person

I want to know more, so maybe write it for a short story entry.
Liked it!
well done!

I liked your story. It was a real treat.
Excellent writing. Why are you in the beginner category? You should be higher up if this is an example of your talent.
Thanks Pat- I seem to be improving with each entry, but have yet to win the beginner category. I worked really hard on this entry and am encouraged by the response. Until I have a first place finish or two- I think beginner is still appropriate, right?
Sherry, Excellent entry and certainly deserving of the third place award in beginners
If you can afford to upgrade your membership to Platinum level, you can get feedback from the judges.
I moved up from the beginner category to the advanced category after I got direct imput from them.
The judges outline in each category where your strengths are and area that need improvement.
With a few tweaks in your writing, I believe you have the ability to move to a different level.
Great job!
Thanks Loni. I upgraded to platinum a couple weeks ago. I felt it was the next step if I wanted to continue to improve.
Congratulations, Sherry, on your 3rd place finish in Beginners. I think you have so much talent, and I expect you to move up soon.

The truth is that the Beginners category is highly competitive, and many of the stories have placed in the top ten lately.