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Great job with this! I loved your message and the wrap up. Well done!

This is really quite brilliant. Your message is profound and greatly touched my heart. I love your subtle sense of humor, too, sprinkled throughout this great story. You really nailed it in my opinion. This is one of my all-time favorites.
This is a good life story with a lesson we should consider

The question God may bring to the reader's mind is, "How long will you put off obeying the prompts the Holy Spirit is bringing to your mind"?

We can all do better in doing what we feel the Holy Spirit reminds us to be doing to be more like Jesus.

And what did we have to do to get through the things in the basement? What did the Holy Spirit say to you as you went to fill the water softener with the salt? That could be your next story.
Excellent article! I love how you took something from ordinary life and found a parallel to the Gospel. May we all have ears to hear and hearts to perceive!

Thank you for sharing!
I hope you realize you have now messed up my life. Every time I get in my car now and see that annoying yellow warning light indicating a low tire I will think of your story. I loved it. When you write something that turns on the readers imagination you are hitting the right notes. You will go far.
Wow! Great job. It's already been said, but congratulations!

Use your abilities for the Lord's glory, and you can minister to many 'sheep'.

Blessings - Trudy
Totally relevant with the numerous ways the Spirit has been speaking to me too.
Nicely done and congratulatons on your level win.