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Oh my! What a heart breaking story! My heart cries for the bondage I hear flowing through this story!
Pornographic movies and books constitute adultery committed against you. I believe such disgraceful behaviour releases you to re-marry. I rejoice that you have remained faithful to Jesus in the face of the ignorant arrogance of this particular church "leader", who needs to read Malachi 2:10-16 on the subject of violence in marriage.

I do believe you could continue to write on this subject, so misunderstood in the church, and be a great blessing to many victims of church abuse. Many churches would support you through such a horrendous experience.
While I've never studied out whether a couple (one of whom has an ex-spouse still living) should remain together as man and wife after repenting of adultery, I know certainly that the Old Testament commands that a man is not to re-marry his wife if she was married again. I'm just glad Joe made the phone call before that was proposed to him!
I thought I'd go back and read one of your early ones. I'm not at all surprised to note you have always had a great talent. Your self-deprecating sense of humor is subtle, yet divine. You have grown as a writer and I'm sure in other areas as well. I just wanted to let you know that even through the years, your words are still blessing anyone who happens to come across them. Not only is that talent, but the Holy Spirit moving in you. How cool is that! God bless and thank you.