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Some of this story could have been mine, good piece, but just barely one topic. I did like it, though.
Nice voice--it's recommended to avoid exclamation points in a narrative, and to save them for dialogue only.

I appreciate your reflections on Christmas here.
I understand what you're saying here. We do celebrate Christmas with all the hoopala but we chose to teach our children about Jesus' birth first. They were probably about four years old before they understood that there was a Santa Claus in the picture. We explained that Santa Claus was a fictional character but that just like other fictional characters, (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie-the Pooh, etc.), they could have fun pretending. Neither of our children said they felt cheated because we didn't concoct a Santa Claus for them when they were little. Thanks for reminding us as to Who truly is the Omnipotent One.
Many good comparisons made here, but seems the topic is more "celebrating" than "caroling" - ?
I remember the day my kids told their grandma there is no santa. My husband and I were in the perverbial dog house for years. We were told how we were depriving our children of the "joys" of Christmas. Oddly, we didn't tell the kids, their friends did. I would love to see people as passionate about including Jesus in their Christmas celebrations. I know they're out there.

Good story, thanks for writing.