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Hi - glad I stopped by to read this one. You are taking a big chance at being shot at sunrise. ha.... I'm with you all the way I think Christmas has lost its original intent and focus, way too commercialized etc... and what revelation I never realized Jeremiah had a word for this - sure makes one think. There is a lot of truth to your words. Thank you for sharing and I like the way you wrote, and tackled this delicate issue. Great writing and Good luck in future stories.
I actually like the sarcasm here. I found myself laughing out loud a time or two. Your point is well taken - we do get carried away with our man-made religious holidays a bit. Okay, I've got to in the world did you catch your hair on fire?
I would think your home has little warmth, light, or joy if you don't indulge in the "family" sharing time of children-made decorations on a tree. I disagree that a Christmas tree is a "shrine". I see it as a natural reminder of the birth of my Savior and creator of the world; light added to a very dark, cold winter month (at least, where I live); an aid to dispelling depression; and a symbol of hope- that the wood of a tree is where Jesus died for sin so that we could have life abundant. I guess it all depends on the attitude you bring to the "looking" at the tree. :)