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LOL. This was funny and put a smile on my face. Can't say that I would enjoy trying the dessert myself, but then again, I am not very daring when it comes to trying out new dishes. :)

Thank you for making me chuckle with this fun story.
Oh, how could I relate to this! Sometimes the harder I have tried to make something come out the worst it was. So, I figure throw things together,pretend I don't care and "Whoola, I usually have very edible dishes and get the most compliments then if I slave all day over something,LOL. I really enjoyed the humor in this and like the "...yeielded to a forefinger thrust..." description of someone's curioiusity of what lurked in the back of the frig. Well done! Now, if only the zuchinni bread was too. LOL. God bless and I want to see more of your writing!!:0)0
This gave me a good laugh, and boy have I been there. Problem is when one of these original creations turns out delicious I can never remember afterwards quite how I did it! Good job.
Thank you for relating this hilarious experience! I'm thinking many Christians feel their lives are like your concoction, but as we know, God can make something beautiful out of even those things we view as disastrous! Maybe that sort of message at the end would create a neat take away for your readers... or something about the unsettling events of the first Christmas for Mary and Joseph. Just some ideas.
Wow, you are a BRAVE person. LOL Nice story. :)