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"Humble Pie" coming up! Loved this. It was on topic, and served up a powerful message in the process. Well written and memorable. Thanks.

God Bless~
Lovely story. Well told to get the emotional roller coaster, with a great ending.
Since I'm also a cook, I absolutely LOVED this story! Great job of describing the thrill of winning, the ache of losing and the joy of competition!

A couple of writing suggestions. Be more careful in your last and final reading. Set your article aside for a few hours then read it one last time with fresh eyeballs. (But she always she kept some of her culinary secrets to herself.)Should have been caught before publish. *)

Why did you use ' instead of " when your character talked? Not sure if that's
allowable or not---

But, other than those two suggestions--VERY well done! Good job.
I really enjoyed this beautiful transformation of Madge. You did a great job building the character and making her seem so real and typical of a lonely woman.

Make sure you start a new paragraph each time there is someone different speaking.

I loved the ending, even though it was a tad predictable it still touched my heart. I liked how slowly Madge came to realize the chance of a new friendship. This is on topic and a wonderful and fresh take on fame. Nicely done.
I try not to read the other comments before I post so I won't be influenced. I do know that British English uses the single quotation mark (') instead of the double(") and it is perfectly acceptable as long as you are consistent throughout your story. :)
Congratulations! Nicely done. God Bless~