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Excellent imagery! I sat in your "Feminar" learning why God's Fourth Commandment helps me to truly rest in Him. I was delighted to read this. Thank you.
Thank you for all you had to say on resting with Lord.

God Bless.
Beautifully written and told. Thank you.

God bless~
Wonderful article on not only entering into the peace and rest of our Lord, but remaining there, yolked with Him. It truly is a moment by moment conscious commitment and decision. You couldn't get any more on topic, however, I almost wrote mine along the same lines. Hope the judges don't think this was not imaginative enough. It is a very pertinent and needed message today. Good work.
This is an interesting piece. You make some great points and I'm sure many can truly relate to that.

I noticed two little things. First I think you meant claim not clam (though it did make me smile as i pictured a giant clam telling her to take it easy.)
This next thing is something I only noticed because I was just reading a writer's guideline about how the word however sounds better in the middle like this: Upon consideration of the experienced state of "rest," we know, however, that it has nothing to do with activity or inactivity.
I'm not sure which I think flows better but I thought I would share my lesson about transitioning.

I do, however, think you made some great points. I had never thought about rest in this way. I also enjoyed your MC--though at first it seemed to be Rosemary, but then you switched to first person (I) then back to third again(she)--I thought she felt real and I enjoyed her musings. I think you did a great job of tackling the topic and giving the reader something to ponder.