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A fun read!
This was interesting, filled with smiles, and well written. Nicely done.

God bless~
Wonderful! I had no idea how many meanings for "staff" there were. I enjoyed this very much. Great Job.
You've educated me. Thank you. This is well written and flows nicely along and I think I can safely say you've covered the topic! HeeHee!
Very lighthearted, very descriptive and easy to read. I enjoyed reading the different meanings of staff.
Cleverly woven to resemble the Challenge and the conversations which might occur in homes all over on a weekly basis. Well written and funny to boot.
I thoroughly enjoyed your light hearted story on staff. I looked up staff on line and found a lot of those same definitions but you found way more... Also, I loved this family. What a fun family to be a part of. This was both educational and entertaining at the same time. The only thing I didn't quite get was the end with having the caller named Tommy Staff. I have never had a more enjoyable read with definitions than with this story. Nice job. Blessings to you...
What a fun entry. You captured my thoughts exactly when "staff" was announced as the topic. :) I'm with some of your other commentators, being educated on a word with your writing. I enjoyed the atmosphere in this family's home.
Thanks to all for the comments. It was fun to write, but I also hoped to show the "good-times" that can be had while adhering to good old fashioned Christian Values. It's one of those you don't come right out and say within the piece. People are smarter than most give them credit for and are able to find meaning. The last part about Tommy Staff, was just another form of the word staff, which is also a last name.