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Very powerful story. I liked the line about whose death was it. Thank you!
I can only imagine the horror or the time you describe so powerfully. To find comfort and courage in song was a blessing indeed. A story of hope in the very worst of times. Well done.
Good article with feeling and inspirtaton. The first person point of view works will in this piece. Typo ? "take it place". Thank you for sharing this moving story.
Excellent, Brandi. So bleak, and yet so full of hope. You're very good at capturing the setting. Thanks for this!
Thanks for sharing this moving story. It's one of those that makes me quite pensive as I read through the emotion.
You drew me right in. Great job.
Very well done Brandi. Didn't feel like it was written by a young twenty something Canadian at all, more like it was written by someone who had actually lived it. You got inside the story very well and took your readers there too. Great job!
Deeply affecting and haunting, and beautifully told. God bless.
Ooh ... I got a shiver up my body when I read it the first time, then skimmed it again just because I liked it so much and got exactly the same shiver.

Well done!
Well written -powerful!! (wish you'd put the title of the anthem in the original language in your first hint -might have found it sooner!)
I should have figured this was yours, Brandi! Excellent job. I've always had a heart for the people who suffered in the concentration camps.
Sorrowful, but well-worded. You've captured the emotion well. Great job!
Bravo Brandi - don't ever get on to me again about making you cry! Beautiful, powerful and loving. Great job girl!
Excellent portrayal! Excellent writing! Just excellent! Did I say it was excellent? LOL!
Now what'd I say about writing too well?


You deserved very high commends you anointed writer of God!

Your blessings (as a gifted writer) shine through every word, every emotion, ever visual that you portray here...
When you write about God's chosen people, your writing absolutely shines. I've witnessed it before and this is another excellent example. Good job!
You've told a story that's deeper than time in simple, direct, gripping language!
Well done tribute to hatikva, the Jewish people are a symbol of hope.
Very powerful, Brandi!
To save from confusion - when the commenters say "Brandi"... they mean "Jezreel" ;)