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A beautiful reminder of the gift of God's Word. Your post said you were hesitant to enter this one. I'm glad you did. I saw a few punctuation issues, but overall I enjoyed your story. Keep writing.
I'm also glad that you decided to submit this entry. I've been in the same position myself lots of times in the past. Asking the same questions, hearing the same answers. This is very good and sounds like your genuine personal experience. What a shame you left it late for brick bashing. I'm sure others would like to read it. Well done.
I have walked the same stony cobblestones - "Holy Hypocrisy" paralells your anguish. This was written wonderfully expressively. I too am glad you posted it. Just one wee nitpick - I think you intended "yoke" instead of "yolk", yes? The yolk is on you? Please keep writing and loving . . .
You wrote "Look at what lives in that heart of yours, the new heart I gave you. Your old one used to be so hard, and could never have felt this hurt you feel now."
And I had an ah-ha moment!
I believe the profundity in that one sentence was straight from the heart of God.
Thank you for that!