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Awwww...This was so sweet. Being an animals lover, I adored this story. I could see the little one in full color in my mind's eye. Nicely written.

God Bless~
Beautifully put together. Loved your detailed description of the little monster. I could picture him clearly and feel his personality. Great writing.
Snuffy sounds like a cute handful. I have a yapping Pomeranian so can relate to little dogs thinking they can take on dogs five times bigger.

I noticed some of your sentences were just a tad awkward. Try having someone read the story aloud and if they stumble, you may want to restructure it. For example: Less than a minute later, a terrifying gnashing slashing moment filled with frightened screams from my hysterical sister, excited trembling threatening Snuffy, my husband getting out the fly swatter . . .
Could be rearranged to something like this: Less than a minute later, my sister's screams echoed in my ears as Snuffy, gnashing his teeth, snapped at her ankles.
I broke it down and tightened it up a bit. It's not perfect but I hope it shows what I mean.

You did a nice job of covering the topic. I can tell how much joy your pet brings you. Like all of God's creatures, you showed how we all need a swat on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper from time to time. Nice job.
Congratulations! God bless~