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Loved this story and the intensely powerful message.

Excellent job.

God bless~
I know I've said this before, but you do have a way with words! The way you arranged them here had me creased with laughter. You managed to make a somewhat whiffy and hazardous situation sound hilarious. I could picture the scene in every chocolate pudding detail. If this is a true account, please know I'm not trying to make light of your circumstances, but the fact that you're so open about your lives suggests that you've got a great sense of humour. Keep 'em coming.
Thank you for this very deep message ... no mess is too great for God ... He makes all things new ... nothing should keep us from lifting all to Jesus ... from miry clay we came.
Thank you so much for this fine story. You do have a way with words and this conveys a simple yet strong message. God always provides a way for those who live by His will.

Very well written with just a touch of humor. Blessings, Lynn
No matter how much we minister to others, there will always come a time when we need to rely on someone else in our time of need. I think the Lord wants us to grow together and depend on each other.

Well written story taking us one step at a time though your ordeal. Blessings!
Real life. That is what you wrote about - real life. No matter how much we minister to others, how we may have the perfect words; we still live our own personal life with problems of our own. Thank God that He sends special people to help special people. Well written and well done.
A really well written story about life in the raw. Very interesting again. Haven't we all had messes cleaned up by God?
I loved your heartfelt story of pain and gratitude. Life can be so hard at times, but when we look, we can always find God's good in difficult situations. God Bless!
Maybe the subject matter was a little "much" for the judges, but this reader loved the transparency of your well-written story. When our most private messes are made public, what else can we do except cry or laugh? And in either case, lean on God. Great job with the topic.