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Good story to illustrate a truth.
Very interesting...for a minute there I thought the MC would take off running after hearing that the unknown man came for her!

My only imput would be for you to put thoughts in italic instead of quotation marks...(though I must admit that it's still a fight for me to get the italic on from the challenge entry page.) I'm not sure how the story link to the topic...though it could just be me.

I appreciate the overall message however. Keep writing.
Certainly not the ending I was expecting. You have a bgood sense for subject material to write about. I enjoyed reading this.

You may want to try to say more with fewer words, a little more descript.

Good job, keep on writing!
I think you probably meant Veatrice "was" so embarrassed instead of "is" so embarrassed, since the rest of the story was written in past tense. Nice analogy to compare your story with our attitude toward God when we don't recognize Him in our lives.