The Official Writing Challenge
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I like your thought.

Encouragement for us all.

Are we using it all for God?
You echo my thoughts, and very often my dilemma. Can't tell you how often I've turned to Him for inspiration.

Thank you for a well written piece that is exhibit "A" for the points you made.
Well-crafted and communicated with clarity. Well done.
An excellent reminder to us writers to stay true to God in our writing. Thank you so much for this helpful instruction to us all.
Every writer worth his or her salt should read this before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. This is excellent, and inspired by our Lord, praise Him!
Wow! It kind. Of scared me when I read that. It was as if you took the words out of my heart and spirit and put it on paper. Great job! Look forward to reading more of your writings.
Yes our words need to line up with God's word and our actions as well. Good points. I'd like to see you try your hand at fiction, while expounding these or other spiritual truths. That's the way Jesus taught, through Parables, which were basically and usually fictional stories to illustrate His point.

Keep on writing!
I totally agree with you.

It's submitting to God's Spirit, being sensitive to what He says and then obeying what we've heard.

If we do that we should have no problems in our writing or in our speech.


Great article!