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I enjoyed the read and immediately this scripture came to mind. "Trust in the Lord with all your might and lean not on your on understanding"
We serve an awesome and faithful God who always meets our needs.
Love the way you told the story. Well done.
Wow isn't that just like God.

When I was a little girl I remember this same thing happening to my mom. She needed $50.00 to pay a bill and we went to the store to get some groceries, she pulled out the shopping cart from the many there and right there in the cart was a $50 bill folded up small.

She was praising God and thanking Him all the way home for answering her prayer.

Our God is an Awesome God!

Your poem is a beautiful testimony of how when we put our faith in Him He meets our end every time!
I think I would start this prose on the third stanza, shortening the whole thing up. (Just my suggestion for whatever it's worth). Keep writing.
It's exciting when the Lord provides! I agree that this would work better starting with 3rd stanza. The first two are general observation on human nature. The rest is personal experience.
All I know is that I loved this! What a beautiful testimony and show of how powerful God is and His love and mercy! Amen.

Thank you for sharing this powerful and well written piece with us. All I see is the story and the meaning, nothing more.

God bless~
I like the whole poem. There are those who would have plenty but waste foolishly and then can't make ends meet. Yet, there are those who have little to nothing and trust the Lord for the rest.

Very well written. God bless! LaVonne
Nice piece on God's provision.

Keep on writing!