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This was a terrific entry.

One comment I read on another entry offered advice on tightening up the story which means to eliminate words that are unnecessary.

Reading over it and over it again and cutting out words that really are not needed to tell the story.

As an example, the two paragraphs I just wrote above point out this fact; I reiterated a point by using the word unnecessary in the first paragraph and not needed in the second.

Reiteration should only be used if it is needed as part of the storyline.

Another one is redundancy, which to me is basically the same thing as reiteration except with redundancy you are telling the same thing over again using different words.

Just thought I share what I'm learning from the brothers and sisters here at FW's to help us all become better writer's to the glory of God!

Great story and keep writing!

God bless~
Wonderful and meaningful thoughts brought to the fore in your devotional essay. I love the imagery of the two Appalachian mountain tunnels. I agree with the other commenter that the piece could use a bit of tightening. I compare it to cooking down a delicious sauce till it bursts with wonderful flavor. Too many words and repetitive thoughts can water down the soup, so to speak. There is so much right with this essay however, that just a little tightening is all it needs. I hope you can publish it somewhere - it is a message that would be a blessing to many.
I really enjoyed this fabulous entry. It was overall a strong piece that delivered a message as well.

God bless~
Great message!

I agree it needs to be tightened up some. Too many repeated and unnecessary words.

Keep writing!

God bless~