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Fantabulous! If that's a word? I loved it! So creative, so touching, and a genuine "do gooder"! I know you felt good inside when the blanket and food was missing! What a wonderful way to help the needy, and perhaps they or "he" KNEW it wasn't stealing after all..(smile). Kudos! and God bless!
I felt like I was sitting right there with her. Very nice story. I liked it!
Good job. Small things are the biggest blessings
I enjoyed this light hearted tale. Never know where God will lead us even if we think it's a bit silly at the time, huh? Great job!
Awwwwwwwwww! Good job!
What a neat story! I had no suspicions about where the "silly ideas" would lead. The ending was so sweet, that the young man was blessed in such a way."[T]he way I'd acted about losing a few minor items" is sadly the way many of us would react to such inconvenience. Great lesson to this offering! Thank you!
What an interesting plot! Excellent work.
What a fun story! Great writing, nice job of stringing us along. I'ts always stunning to me how God can, at any moment, transform our lives into a ministry for someone nearby.
I love this. Well written with a beautiful message. Great job.
Great piece of writing with a creative, heart-felt message!