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I found this quite clever and interesting. I remember those Basics classes. Geometry was another course that made one think logically. The Bible is full of so many wonderful directions. When using words like teachers or nurses as common nouns not proper nouns, don't start them with a capital for example: I ran to Teacher who sent me to see the nurse. (It's a bit subtle, but Teacher is being used as a substitute for a name while nurse has the qualifier the in it.) I enjoyed the verses you selected. I noticed the first one didn't have the reference, but you found some great ones to enhance your wonderful messages. You did touch on the topic in a subtle, yet interesting way. I was intrigued from the first line.
I really enjoyed this!

I am familiar with If/Then statements. Very cleaver piece tying the If/Then statement in a computer program to our If/Then spiritual life with Christ.

I really enjoyed it.