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That was a very well written piece and how important the words we choose. I don't know any suggestions but I enjoyed the lesson.
A well-told example of how as parents we need to pick our battles. Although, being considerate of others is also a virtue. I remember those tough mommy days and I now watch my daughter facing the same issues. Enjoyable read with an on-topic lesson. Good job.
I too have prayed this verse in Psalms many times and ask for the Lord's help in this area. You covered a lot of ground in your entry-a span of many years & generations. A suggestion might be to focus more on the story of you & your son. & the lesson learned from that day. I enjoyed all of it, but I think you really have several good story ideas in this one entry.
Working with teens and being a parent myself, this is a constant battle. Good lesson.
Super job! It was well written and had a wonderful message. You reminded me so much of my wife in regards to tomatoes. We eat a lot of spaghetti in our house and my wife has tomato juice in her veins. Thanks for stirring those emotions in me. God Bless. I look forward to your future writings.
This piece has an openness and transparency that made it quite pleasant to read.

I feel that it slightly missed the topic, as a 'slip of the tongue' is an often humorous mispronunciation or word substitution, not the more serious situation you wrote about.

I particularly enjoyed the gracious ending.
Hi Trudy! Indeed you have the gift of story telling. I enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for sharing it with us.