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I think so many of us can relate to an in-law such as yours, and also to the idea that we want to put them in their place, or live to see justice enacted on them. I love how you brought in the Christian viewpoint.
Very well thought out. Then while living through it and now while writing about it.
I believe we are all dysfunctional is some way! I enjoyed your story and it left me curious as to why you no longer have a sister in law. I've had co-workers and supervisors that behaved like your sister-in-law. Eventually, I, too, learned that people who act like that are really just insecure. Well done!
I'm a very novice writer but I enjoyed your story and found the content very relatable. I'm going it through it myself currently. I always admire courage and transparency in telling a personal story such as yours. The feelings are real and not much sense pretending to God otherwise. It really shows me that your relationship with the Lord is intimate and that you can share all the nitty gritty stuff with God and know that you will not be abandoned.

Thank you for your story!
Thank you for sharing this honest from the heart story, it's not easy for individuals to admit things about themselves out loud, let alone in a story so many will read.

The ending is very uplifting with the revelation about deliverance.

Well done.

God Bless~