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Well done! You did the change in attitude without being mushy and unrealistic. Great story.
'"He loves you." The words escaped my lips and my arms came up and crossed in front of me - my protection.' My favorite part! So like, so many!

Great angle on love without being preachy. Great dialogue and attitudes. You put us there at the scene. Really good stuff here! :)
This was great! Good opening paragraph, good twist on the characters and great ending. You showed with good word choices. Very nicely done!
How does that line go, Love is a battefield. But ahhhh, sweet victory! So real, the defiance of youth. So amazing, the persistance of a mother's love. I think I'll go hug my daughter now. Great job!
If only we could get everyone to read the Bible cover to cover, and allow God to speak to their hearts. Very nicely done, flows well, and speaks volumes. :)
And He loves even me. Thank you for the excellent reminder. This reminds me of a song. How does it go? "Jesus loves me, this I know..." Like the song, your story is simple yet packed with meaning. I like that.
Good job. I agree that you did the change of heart well. You didn't do a Pollyanna 180, it was a realistic turn.
So often do we come across those who chose to disbelieve. The love we show that God places in our heart, and still condemn His love. We then never learn, if not for the we placed in our own live by the Lord, we would be as cold as the rest of the world. You have done a good job showing the turn around of this one child, I pray other would find HIS love as easy. Good job sis.
You painted a beautiful picture of His love. Great job!
We are so different when we look at life through God's perspective. Liked the very real portrayal of your character's emotions - both mother and daughter. Any particular reason why God is mostly small 'g' but He is a capital 'h'? Yeggy