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Good job. I'm no poetry expert, but the stanzas are even and have a good rythm and the recurring theme of God is our Melody rings loud and clear. Thanks for sharing.
I agree with Lisa's comments, and although I write poetry, I am no expert. I can sense this is written from the heart and from experience. The line about when loved ones hurt us rings true with me. I simply sing and whisper His name. Lovely Job!!
You've done justice to the hearts of many. Beautifully articulated the feelings that belong to a follower of our Lord. Nicely done! :)
I personally had a bit of trouble seeing a consistant rythm, but others seemed to have no prblems, so it's probably just me. :-D I liked the message though.
A great metaphor--the essense of poetry is using poetic language, and this poem's got it. Good job.
Lovely message beautifully portrayed!