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Powerful, thought-provoking, well-done.

Thanks for sharing, and God bless,

Suicide topics are not pleasant - but I enjoyed reading the twist in this one. Quick note: "he realized that it was as jacket, wrapped around a young child" - I'm sure the 'as' was a typo, and no comma is needed after jacket. Good work!
Honesty is the best policy. I have been reading entries now for about an hour; and this story was the first one that moved me to tears. When a writer can move the reader to an emotion, whether it's laughter or tears - THAT is a sign of a masterful writer! Thank you for making my day. Great story, (there was an "as" that need fixing)...but because this story moved's irrelevant and immaterial. Thank you.
Excellent! You won't stay in advanced long---will be moving up soon!
What an unexpected twist! This was very amazing and thought-provoking. YOu sure know how to keep that action going! Wonderful job! And your last line is just PERFECT.
Very nice story! I was definitely able to see the scene clearly, and was relieved when both lives were saved. God did answer prayer, in an unexpected way. Thank you so much for sharing this!