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Oh! Beautifully done! I love the way you compared mankind to the different plants! :) My favorite line: "God knew when He suspended Earth in space, that it would be filled with the fire of hate, and yet burn with love when a soul would finally see Him." That's such a powerful statement! Ahhhh ... I love this! Well done! :)
Masterfully written, so encouraging, so true, so eloquently told - and such a great way of explaining the "WHY" we are here on planet Earth. The First paragraph was a gem. I enjoyed the whole essay; so beautifully and simply told that even I could understand. Thank you for such a truly delightful read.
A wonderful piece. You drew me in from the very beginning with your lovely descriptive writing. Although I stumbled over the use of "new" twice in the 4th paragraph and the use of "men" in the 5th. My personal preference would have been to say "With each new life..." and "Some were created..." As a woman, the latter distanced me from the piece, but then you brought me back in with more of your eloquent writing. Great job!
What beautiful and meaningful images you have here! I enjoyed reading this from beginning to end! Loved the analogies especially.
My heart rejoiced in our God. That is the best testimony for a beautifully written devotional.
I must say, I found myself stumbling over the first paragraph. Maybe because I started reading it too late at night! ;) Once I got past that it was great for me. Loved this line: "the rivers and lakes writhed with uncountable species."
Apologies for contacting you this way but we need your bio note please for the Faithwriters book "Hidden in the Hymns". Can you please contact me?