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Member Comments
Oh, this is good. Sends a powerful message. Nice work!
I like the style of this poem and the use of alliteration. It reads well.
Very powerful - I agree that the alliteration is extremely well-used in this. I definitely enjoyed this.
Great job of using word sounds to make this free verse poem lyrical! I love how you used present tense to make it come alive on the page too! Great job dealing with a tough topic for poets!!
Yay - what an awesome application of the topic! This carried me along without any jerks or pauses...very fluid and powerful. Made me think...made me long for a deluge. :-)
I saw some significant parallels to a soul crying out and finally finding relief from so many sins of the natural man. Finding relief in the baptism that conquers the fire and brings victory and finally relief! I may be way off base about the meaning of this beautiful poem, but that's the beauty of poetry; it means something different to each reader. Bravo my friend!
Wow! This is really GOOD! I enjoyed every word and I loved the progression of truth. Great work!
Very powerful poem with a great message. I loved your use of all capital letters. It was very effective! Congratulations on your first entry in advanced. :-)
A virtual masterpiece. Bravo and Amen!

Dan Blankenship