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From a Readers viewpoint-nifty & cute; from a Poets viewpoint - rhyme & meter off just a tad. Topic-wise, it is: 1)writers folly, 2)jail, 3)arrest and 4)anxiety; and "police" seems to be an afterthought. However, from a creative standpoint-Tops!
Oh! What a delightfully cute and witty read! This shoots straight to each writer's (dare I say) 'gut'??! Haven't we all been there in this 'jail'? I think it's 'write on' in the police department...the word police are always breathing down our necks, aren't they?! Great job!
This gave me such a chuckle! :) How original on the topic and I so enjoyed a fresh and humorous veiw.

Haven't we all felt like that?! Whew! You did a good job conveying how we sometimes feel come thursday morning! ;) *cringe, cringe*

VERY original, VERY creative and I VERY much enjoyed the chuckles!

Very clever and creative, not to mention funny, and a good choice for your FW audience!

I could envision stern, blue-coated policemen leading the offender:

"With head hung low, cooperate,
I’m taken to the writer’s jail.
They’ll hold me here where I will wait.
It’s where they take you when you fail."

But then I really had to snicker when I got to this part:

"I come before the judge in court,
Express my genuine remorse.
Am sentenced to receive support
And take another writing course."

Thanks for sharing what we all have felt in such a whimsical way. :-)

"The English language you’ve attacked,
You’re writing is as clear as mud."

Not in this case. It was clear and appropriate for this audience for sure!
This almost reminded me of a song at first. Then I remembered a time in history when there were people jailed for what they had written. I was swept up by my knowledge. This is a wonderful piece of poetry. Imaginative and on topic, creative and holds the readers attention. Very well done in my opinion.:-)
And I'll be joining you there. This is too cute, and reflects how most of us feel when we've sent something off, via email or post. And there are times when we should be locked up! This is just great...and great fun as well! Kudos!!
Absolutely cute - an enjoyable read.
I love this! This is very creative and clever. Great, great work! I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks!
*chuckle* What a great poem! LOL! Well done.
Writer's Jail. Lol! loved that-this is so creative!
Oh, Laurie, this is delightfully clever! You had me going through the first half of your poem, and then the zinger which made me chuckle. I love such fun surprises, and you did it for me with your "Anxious Moments!"
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