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Member Comments
You're right on the mark with this one. Nicely done.
Very nice "conversation" piece. And isn't that just the way we so often talk to God?
I really enjoyed the realness of the tête-à-tête between Chuck and the Almighty. Great entry- Nancy
I wish more husbands would have this little talk with God and come out of it with obedience! Good story.
Great story! Sounds like it came from a Promise Keeper. I wish more men realized their God-given role as spiritual leader in the home. You're approach was one that other men could identify with, without feeling they've been lectured. Good writing skills, also.
This was one of my favorites this week. I loved the conversation with God, it had such a real feel. Your title was perfect. Just loved the whole thing. Great work! :)
The most important leadership position a man could have! Fantastic work Lynda!
Lovely lady, I wish you could have seen me when I did the final tally and saw your name in 8th place! I was absolutely delighted for you. Congratulations on a very well deserved win! Love always, Deb
Great story, Lynda. Well told with great dialogue. Real voices and a blessing for all who read. This is a tough topic but one that men need to be reminded of - I hope you are sending this to Deb (if she hasn't already suggested it herself) for the men's department? This is close to my heart since, not too long ago, this could have been my own husband, searching for God's will - reluctantly! Yours in Christ's name, Karen
Sweet but confrontational exchange. So glad for the example to be teachable!