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The resolution to the problem was a little abrupt. We need to know what happened between the time the kid stormed out of the room and when he returned. That 750 word limit is sometimes limiting, isn't it! This, and other articles in this challenge, have reminded us that MK's can make or break a ministry, and be made or broken themselves if they aren't nurtured throughout the process of their parent's call.
I loved the article and was moved by the touching scene at the end, where Paul had a chance to think about his behaviour and treatment of his dad and later showed his remorse. Sometimes, it's just love between two people that makes one or the other re-consider his actions.
Brought me to tears. Some people seem to think missionary parents make decisions without considering their children. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's not all easy. But where God leads, he will carry through. Thank you for this word.