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I liked this. Good message. God may indeed call us to do the small stuff. Thank you for sharing this.
Nailed it - if you aren't a missionary at home, don't expect God to call you any place else. Thanks for the reminder that Jerusalem always comes first.
Great title too. It's so true - you can't expect to do great things anywhere if you don't start at home. Good message.
This is clearly my favourite story thus far. I loved the line: “Jack-O-Lanterns grinned wimpy, lopsided grins at him through brown mush-teeth” Such a wonderful picture of rot and decay not only in the seasons but also in Travis’ spiritual journey.

I once read of a pastor asking why his church should invest money on sending someone overseas when they had failed to lead even a single person to Christ in their own country. A salient thought for would-be missionaries!
Loved your descriptions of the passing seasons. This was well written and right on target for the topic!
This one kicked me right in the teeth - excellently done and VERY convicting! Super job!