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I didn't get it the first read - then went back to see her husband's name and then I got the message...and it brought tears. Great job of writing.
Oops, sorry. This comment was meant for Stranger in Red...the next entry. Sorry.
Goofed up.
Moving and poignant. Great job.
Oh, I love this. It is very touching. I love the line about her giving her child life as long as she is able. I want to read more now! Great job.
What a unique take on the topic of 'lifeguard'! This is beautifully written. As you know, good friends went through exactly the same thing a year ago (although the dad wasn't a lifeguard)so it particularly hit home.
So very, VERY vivid and moving and heartbreaking! I cried for this one - and I don't shed tears here easily. Wonderful storytelling.
Very unique and creative take on the topic. Grabbed my attention from beginning to end. Well done. Yeggy
Now, this had me choked up. Very well done. I do believe women guard the lives of their children in this way. You made the subject jump off the page so beautifully. Bless you for sharing your gift with us. Now I know your real name, friend.:-)