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Wow! Moving. The compassion for the character is only matched for her love of God. Both come accross in powerful honesty,truth and bravery. A statement of faith that unashamably (sp?)wears like a tatoo for all to see. This expression of heart will minister to thousands. Your poem has a life beyond FWs. I hope you share it with the rest of the world. Excellent job.
So compelling - you really captured this woman with such perfection and grace. Your final stanza is perfect - and the rest is not far behind!
I have been both of these women in my life. Thanks for helping me remember the experience. Great work!
By the time I got to "never to be a reality" I was hooked - then you led me down a completely different path! Well crafted and very artfully done, even down to the length of the lines (short in the beginning and longer toward the end). Everything fits beautifully here.

There's a sense of inner strength in the face of harsh reality - something we all need in great measure when life doesn't turn out the way we expect.

This woman is a blessing. :-)

I have to admit the first couple stanzas didn't grab me (same old story of love, marriage, baby carriage?). But, then you took the plunge and pulled me in with you, as I read:
"But not beaten down.
Rather looking to the One
who is what she will never be…
a parent."
This poetry captures the heart of one who experiences others' parenting as a spectator, but is yet not without the comfort found in always being His child. Your creativity shines through this entry!
I hardly ever read poetry but I amm glad I did with this one. Simple elegant words - and hope- are transformed into a depth and then lift up in hope. I like the transistions and the ending:) Good poem for many!!
The transition from "heart melting giggles!" to "Never to be a reality" was a jolt of reality, just as it was for the MC. Powerful.
I love how the picture of the 'perfect future' for some, is addressed here as she sees it is not her perfect future--and she embraces who she was created to be. Very nice.
Congratulations on making the top 15 in Advanced. Well deserved recognition for an inspiring piece of work. Great job!
Yes, Laurie, you certainly wove your magic pen in this one too! Beautiful capturing of such contrasing life experiences! and a beautiful capturing of the life of faith in spite of circumstances! This is such a poignant and inspiring poem.