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About two paragraphs from the end, I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if he..." And then you did it! Great twist, and so very tenderly written. Love it!
I loved this entry. Sometimes a story is so good you just want to keep reading. I couldn't tell you if there was any mistakes or not. The story had me so involved I just longed for the next sentence. Super job and a great ending. I don;t usually like scriptures in the opening, but here, it was perfect. God bless.
Ooh - got me! Love the twist. (Ok, I loved the whole thing, but the end took my breath away.) Very good job!

I first got goose-bumps.

Then I started to cry.

I guess that says it all! Wonderful.
Great job! I wanted more - good ending but I especially loved when he said he'd see his wife - sounded very real.
Well done, flows well, held my attention. Brought chills to me - thank you.
Gregory, That was terrific. I loved the younger man's sensitivity and love - and then the twist at the end. Super work!