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Oh my, this is powerful, and I love your poetic language--No forced rhymes, great meter, and it doesn't read a bit like prose...very well done.
So this is how it is done. Excellent!!! It flowed to perfection and ministered to my heart. I'm very impressed. God bless.
Honesty spoken through the cry of a heart of desire - very powerful. How perfect that you ended with a plea for healing and the realization that transparency before others will begin that process. Very nicely done - deep and penetrating.
I so love your last stanza. I might have titled it The Rage that Reigns Inside. Wow! Deep and awesome. I am not a poetry writer, but clearly you are! Good work, and the only piece I've seen so far on this kind of hidden sin. Blessings, Cheri
I liked it. It reminds that my Pastor is only human and does fail at times. Thank you.
Heartbreaking. It took me a couple of verses to get into the poetry, but once I did I was hooked. I feel so sorry for your MC, but I don't like him! You certainly stirred my emotions with your writing. Well done.
I wanted to add to my comment - about not getting into the poetry - that's because of me not being used to reading poetry! FW is changing that. :) I enjoyed reading this beautiful poem.
This gives new meaning to keeping your eye on Christ, and not on man. Thank you for this honest insight into a life who needs and in the end, wants help. I pray it ministers to those who are hurting their families out there. Christ died for our sins, I pray that they can be repentant and turn the tide of this horrible grievous sin. Bless you for having the courage to write this article, Laurie!
Laurie, you've really reached a true balance of harsh reality in theme and still maintained poetic beauty. Very well done!