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Member Comments
I applaud your creativity! A very unique way of getting your point across! Makes people think!
Amazingly clever. Both amusing and convicting.
Great way to get your point across!
I love this journal entry style! Very creative!
That sounds like a really good friend there... think I could get one like the second person who answered the ad?

Oh, wait... I do have a friend like that. *grin* And I loved this entry.
This is really good. Amusing, entertaining delivery of awesome truth.
Very, very clever and engaging. Well done.
Terrific! Funny with a great message. Very creative.
What an absolutely fantastic approach! Loved it! By the way, you're getting a good deal on this Deal. He's everything He claims and more! Just look at the talent He's already given you!
This was very, very clever and so full of truth! I was smiling but it made me think, too. Very well done!

Sounds like a match made in Heaven!

Exceptional read - the author has indeed outdone his/her self.


Encouraged in Michigan

Enjoyed this! Very creative and true :) I believe that I have located Lynda.
Very clever Lynda ... I like the presentation. Tres unique!
Superb Lynda. I'm still smiling. Hard to believe this didn't make it into the finals.
Hehe, I was looking through old challenge articles and spotted this one. Love it!