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Member Comments
Oh, my! This has "winner" written all over it. Of course, it is the donkey, beast of burden, that has to be the most appropriate "unsung hero." That you thought to pull together several donkey stories from the Bible for your poem is just so rich. Is there a limit on how many "favorites" my keepsakes can hold?
Wow! Very, Very well done! The flow, the structure - the message - Awesome! I loved this!
Oh my...this is superb! Content, style, form, everything is top knotch.

I couldn't help but think about other aspects of God's creation that seem "ordinary" but have specific roles to play for His Kingdom. This is a factual and encouraging recitation that brings me into an expectant state of mind.

Oh, and I liked the repetition of the last line in the first 3 stanzas..."an unsung hero of sorts."

Wonderful, creative free verse, very well stated, and the theme brilliantly formed throughout.
Excellent poem and definitely on-topic. Very well done and I loved your depiction of these "ordinary" creatures.
Laurie, this is so creative! Who would have ever thought..the lowly donkies of the Bible...unsung heroes! Great job! :)
...oopz...I goofed! Donkeys!! I really do know how to spell! LOL!