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Cute and clever! It felt a bit rough in places, but that could just be me. I enjoyed the personalities you gave to all the parts of speech. Very creative!
Oh, so cute!! I could just see all those little characters popping out of that usually very practical grammar book. :) You've written a delightfully entertaining poem! Such fun!
Oh, my! This has to go into every writer's "favorites." What a clever, bouncy with rhythm and rhyme work of poetry you have created. I love it.
I had to come back for another comment, after the Sunday Scripture texts and sermon on the members of the body of Christ. You, dear writer, are conveying a wonderful analogy of 1 Corinthians 12:14-27! And, since Jesus is "The Word," this makes it even more appropriate. I am truely stunned.

Something else I noticed: You could turn this into a quiz. Which part of speech is speaking which lines? :)

This is certainly a winner in my book.
I enjoyed your creative geammar lesson. With your permission, I would like to share it with the jr. high grammar teacher at my school. The rhyme and rhythm were well-done, as well. It is definitely one for the favorites file!
Very interesting. I love the way you gave voice to punctuation marks. Extremely creative!
These parts of speech argue like the gingham dog and the calico cat! Well, I don't know how you did it! I can't write poetry, but, if I could, I still don't think I could personalize the parts of speech and have them argue with each other...with meter and rhyme. Amazing! How do you do it? I'm flabbergasted (is that still a word and did I spell it right? Ask your friends, those smarty pants in this poem!) This was amazing! Keep up the good work!
'You flow’ry thing, don’t tell me you don’t know
That growing writers do avoid you so.' Hehe - not me! ;)

What fun, and I LOVE the ending. I wish I understood grammar to know what all the fuss was about! Haha! :)

But you know, it sounds so typical and I think you captured the writers soul here. The conflicts as we write - what to use - what not to use, and so on. Toooo real. Kudos on a very fun read!
Oh gosh, I love this--would like to see it in grammar books to introduce "parts of speech."

The only suggestion I have is something to make it clear--when the parts begin to talk--that there are different speakers. It took me a few stanzas to catch on. You did right to avoid quotation marks--would've been messy--but maybe having every other "speaker's" words in italics?

And even though this is great fun, there's a message--we all work together. Really, really cute.
VERY creative! Loved this :)
This is why I haven't entered a poem since I've benn ib advanced! Too much competition! Loved the whimsey!
Besides that, you are all distracting me,”
And, quietly, the parts of speech agree.

I love that line! This is very cute. I had a little trouble following who was doing the speaking but all in all it didn't hurt the piece. It was alot of fun!
Nothing silly about great talent!! ENtertaining and a effectivly delivered message. SUper job. God bless.