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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Member Comments
Oh my. I LOVED this! The meter is perfect, an easy read. The story is beautiful too. Great work.
THIS is fantastic! It's just GOT place! I think you've discovered a gift here. ;) Absolutely LOVED it!
Wow, this is so much FUN! Very good rhyme and meter, and some humor thrown in for a bonus. YES!
Call me a sentimental fool... I've got a tears in my eyes. This is absolutely wonderful! So skillfully written! You've aimed straight for the heart and hit dead center! Can you tell I love this precious poem?? I could read it again and again!
What a marvelous narrative poem! It flowed so naturally with dialog defining a wonderful character.
Oh for the heart of a poet.
This is far above natural praise. Besides a very, very inspiring, motivating and extremely well written poem, it is so anointed! I know we don't go by feelings, but I could feel the presence of God. Like His heart beat right along with the words in perfect time. This deserves a ribbon, but dear author, know this, your poem has to have put a smile on God's face. God bless.
I so agree with all the previous comments.

Ya done good. 'Jes outstandin'!
This is beautiful! I could feel this fathers love, admiration, reverence and support throughout the entire piece. Bless his heart! He became a living, breathing child of our Father in heaven to me and I savored every stanza. You have such a good heart and it shines through each word you've written in this masterfully written poem.
Dear Poet - If this is an indication of how well you write poetry, then I'm gonna have to put your name in nomination, too, to follow Kenn as Poet Laureate for the U.S. of A. :] I just love epic poetry, like you have written here. Even better than telling this story in prose, the extra work to turn it into poetry is well worth the effort.

Dittos to all the above commenters' words, too. Bravo! You are a rising star.
p.s. forgot to tell you---this goes in my "favorites."
Great poem. I love the voice of the character. It brings the poem to life.
What delightful fun! Thanks for the day-brightener. I can jest see that feller all spiffed up!
Loved the story of Ceil; but leave it to the Simon Cowell of the Writing Set (ME)...I've got to tell you that Verse #4 didn't keep up the perfect rhythmic beat (smile); Otherwise, it was delightful, and I loved it from "beginnin ta end". Great Job!
Absolutely DELIGHTFUL in ever' way! I agree with ALL the positive comments above. Wonderful.
Lovely, lovely - a work of art!! Brilliant! Loved every bit. :-)
Loved the rhyme, loved the ballad-like nature of the poem.

Ya done real good here, Laurie!
How marvelous! I thoroughly enjoyed this.
This here poem is finer than a speckled hog.
In other words, I loved it!
Thanks for sharing it
I echo the comments of wonderful, beautiful and fantastic! This was amazing to read. Great job here!
I absolutely loved this! What a wonderful way to express the topic. I loved the narrator's voice. Great job!
This is fantastic! It is definitely a winner in my book and I know a little ole magazine that it will fit right into. :)
OH Yes!!! I knew this was a winner.. no doubt about it!! I'm so excited for you, Laurie! Woohoo!!!!
Laurie! Laurie! Laurie! I'm so excited for you--Editor's Choice, and in the headliners for Advanced! You're going to be famous, and we can tell our friends we knew you back when you were moving up in the ranks :) Congratulations, Friend!
What a great job! You deserved it!