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Member Comments
I loved the sweet emotion and memories in this poem. Good job!
This was so tender and well done. You nailed this one!
Heartfelt - I like the way you weave the whole life into a short poem. Conveys a sense of love and peace. Nice job :)
Oh yes! Very moving and excellently done. Life brings its challenges, but the river bank is always there. I really liked this and I'm very glad I got to read it. God bless.
Wow - a lifetime in such few words!

You captured the tenderness of this heart - of the loves in his life. Very well done to do that. Easy flow and easy to connect with - Kudos on this one girl! :)
Perfectly lovely, both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.
I loved the journey through life and the emotions of each stage. Great job.
You did a great job of winding a life story around the theme. Peace and contentment seemed to reign in every life phase. Nice job!
Very nice. I felt like I was living your character's emotions with him. What a sweet story.
Nicely done. I feel like I've been out on a walk with you as you talked me through your years. A good tribute to lives that touched you and were touched by you.
Terrific how you said so much in such a great way!! I loved how each person was added on and also the light cute moments:) Very nice!