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Member Comments
What a precious narrative poem. I love the happy ending!
Oh, this is so touching. You've said a great deal in this poem, and reminded us we need to always trust God. Well done.
I don't think that there is anything more touching than the loss of a little one. In those days, so many were lost. I cannot imagine how it must have been. So many people with so many losses. We are so blessed nowadays. Thank you for this bittersweet poem.
I missed it too - I was so enthralled. I felt I was way out there on the plain with them - I wanted to help so bad ... and what a story! I really loved this story/poem. Great work!
I love poems. This one was espcially great. The story was heart-wrenching and heartwarming all at the same time. Good work.
A poem well crafted (pardon the pun). It couldn't be sweeter, or better done. Enjoyed this, it flowed so well.
Lovely! This flows and carries me along smoothly, even through various emotional extremes. A fitting tribute to a loving mother who learns the depth of what it means to WAIT on the Lord. Inspirational, heart-warming, challenging - all at the same time.
I'm a huge fan of Little House on the Prairie and the wagon life depicted here seems just as I'd imagine those times. Like the others, you brought me through all kinds of emotions. This was beyond impressive work, so comprehensive.
This touched the heart and soul. Reminds me of the little house on the prarie days. I love the flow and story-the happy ending was perfect.
I really like the unusual 5-line structure here. Technically excellent, and with a lot of heart.
Very nicely done, and I loved the ending!
I really liked how your carried us through such a length of time and that range of emotions! Very touching. I was so glad the booties went onto a baby!!
Just lovely! Such a wonderful story in this lovely poem.
Such thought went into this and with great skill! Wonderful job - Blessings, Jo
I love frontier stories. You did a wonderful job of relating to us the emotion involved in each life event. You are a gifted poet.
You took me on a very enjoyable trip around the world of emotions. Technically excellent, and presented passionatly. And with the name William in it, how could it be bad. And this is in the rare air above superb. God bless.
I read this earlier and am surprised I don't find a comment from me already here. You have done such a masterful job with this poem I don't know where to begin. What struck me the most was how your title has a double meaning, and I'm glad you didn't leave us with just the first one. Another "win!" in my book, Laurie! Blessings!