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Wow! This is a wonderful story. I like your examples about sewing and embroidery in the Bible. I learned something, too. Thanks for not having the boy sew. I wouldn't have felt he was true to character if he had. Your ending was much more realistic. After all, grandma's no miracle worker....but the message got him...and to me. Good job!
This is such a fun story. I love the spunky grandma!
This was sassy and fun. Great characters here.
Yes, this story was well presented. Good job.
This is great! Living in a house full of kids I could see this happening. I loved the quietly spunky Nan! Congratulations!! :-)
Way to go, Gregory!!!! ;) Great job. Congratulations!
Aw, cute! I like that last line with "Peter, that is just plain stupid!" Glad I had the chance to read this. Congrats on 4th!