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bare, naked poetry...what a good piece. great title, great ending. the undercurrent of the topic being handled so gently was the best part of it all.
Excellent poem in every way. Kudos to you.
A poem written from the heart. Anorexia is a heartbreaking disease. In these times, most of us have control issues. We can feel so out of control with the events that go on in our world today. Many of us choose our "drug of choice" to gain an artificial control over our lives. Mine is food. Yours is denying yourself food, but the causes are the same. Both of us need to REST in the Lord and RELINQUISH control over our own lives. There's nothing in our own little worlds that is going to matter one hundred years from now...and we have Eternity at our fingertips. Thanks for this raw, honest piece.
I really like the concept of "running to a healthy place to stay!" That's a great image - something I can grasp and remember. :-)

Good form, good content, good message, good reading! GOOD for you!! :-)