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Member Comments
I loved this!...I could see myself so plainly (and it wasn't Lady Fru!) Excellent story line with a great message!
Oh so perfect! Ouch! What a fun way to be intertained while being convicted! ;) I loved it when their eyes were closed - you carried us all the way through.

Kudos to this author! I loved it.
Soooooo well developed - good character study - good POINT - and fun to read at the same time!

I totally identify with the following stanza....

Material is bunching up,
Itís stuck and I canít get it loose.
I tug and pull and try again,
The thing wonít budge, oh fidderdo!

...and "fidderdo," what a great word!!

Trying to think of a one-word summary.....mmmmm.....maybe "delightful." :-)

Wow! This has it all! Skill, humor, and the 'connect' quality that didn't let go of this reader even once! What a delight for sure! I love it! (By the way, have you been peeking into my un-sewing room, dear author? LOL!)
Delightful story and wonderful sewing lesson! :) Good job!
Loved this. It kept me reading throughout. I think we can probably all identify here. Good pov.
Your title is an attention-grabber. The poem is lots of fun. great job!
Great poem - kept me going all the way through to find out how it ended. I liked the changes in the narrator as the poem progressed.
Hey, although I didn't write this, I lived this! Thanks for a humorous look at sewing, complete with an attitude adjustment. I, too, loved how they closed their eyes: how she discovered it wasn't about her. How often do we attach different attitudes onto people that they don't deserve? There's a lot of meat here in this funny poem. Well done!
Another extremely clever poem, Laurie!
Now, that was done with loads of fun!! Great job!
Blessings, Jo
I definitely enjoyed this - and got a message I NEEDED today.
What a fun way to deliver a powerful message. Excellent!
This is fun and witty, and even has a message. Well done. Thank you for this most enjoyable read.
This was really fun, except I saw too much of me. What a lesson -- people aren't there to watch me. Great read.
What a great message and told so well.
Such a fun poem! And with a good message.