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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Oh my--I found myself thinking, don't do it! And it's heartbreaking, because truthfully, there are many who would sell their eternity to feed their children. Would I? Honestly, sometimes I think I might, just as Marian did. This is awesome writing, and a perfect little epilog really drives the irony home.
Tense and haunting, great mood writing that is provocative as well.
Ooooh, this was GOOD. It took me a while to figure out what was happening, but then it hit me. I could really feel the mother's torment, I can't even imagine what it will be like not to feed your babies unless you have the mark. Very gripping and the ending was excellent!
Good story on the end time. It was well written. I'm not quite sure if the husband got home before they left, but it seems to me he didn't. How sad.
A gripping read and chilling to think about. The ending was especially powerful. I could hear him calling her name.
A gripping story, indeed. Well written and certainly makes me stop and think. What would I do? Creative take on shopping!
Chilling, haunting, especially the ending. What a tough choice to make. Yet the saddest part was that Marian didn't understand the evil of the mark or why they were resisting it. Good work.
Oooo, Marian! Don't!, you sure know how to pull someone into the story. You did an excellent job of drawing the reader in and holding thier attention all the way through. The dialouge was good and I liked the twist that it was end time days. I thought it was something during a famine or war. Great writing! ^_^
Oh - harrowing and scary and engaging. Makes us wonder what we'd do in the same situation, you know? Had me on the edge of my seat!
Wasn't so sure in the beginning that I was going to like this story but you sure dragged me it! Loved it! Keep up the good work--think there's a book in this?
What a way to remind us that God does everythuing in His own time, if we keep the faith. I love end time stories and this one didn't disapoint.
Excellant story! OOHH makes my blood boil though ..."They'll take Lani away..." every mom's worst nightmare. Gret job.
Ooh, noo! I don't like your ending, sorry! :) But I do like your writing. One thing bothered me - she was scared at the knock, but her door was unlocked? Anyway, I'm just picky. VERY well done!
This was very good. The ending was so sad yet perfect for the story. Great job!
Congratulations on your win!! It's a wonderful piece!
I know I already commented, but I just had to say I'm so glad you won! This was such a good story I was telling my mom about it the other day. Great job!!
A well deserved win. This was very original, and really hit home! It's true that some day (in end times perhaps), persecution of Christians will hit the Western world, and who will stand for God then? What a chilling thought... Very well done.
Such a chilling,desperate mood to this well-written, gripping story! I could feel the fear! CONGRATULATIONS on your level and EC wins! :)
Oh WOW Cassie girl! This is Awesome! I can see why it placed so high - No.1 !!!!

This gave me chills ALL the way through. Wow! You go girlfren! ;) Come on up now, right?

Congratulations Cassie!
Congratulations my Hoosier friend! A deserving win! Kudos!
I'm one of those people that contemplate the what if's and this situation has crossed my mind as well. This is the work of a master, a very well deserved win!!! Congratulations!
Wowsers! Excellent piece, Cassie. Congrats on your win. Be waiting for you in Masters:)
God bless.
This is really good. What a great idea for this topic. I've often thought about this, too -- what would I do? Congratulations on a great win.
Oh... loved this! Congratulations! In Him, Amy Verlennich