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What wit! I laughed all the way through this. Loved how you "knitted" it all together even to the last word. You have a large gift of writing!
Great, amusing story! Kept me wondering till the end 'what would you be thankful for?' Love the way you drew the charcter of 'Hawkeyes' I had one of those, 'Basher' we called him, for obvious reasons. Your attention to details like this: 'Hawkeyes went home and punished himself by striking his knuckles twenty times with a ruler. Others say the condition of his knuckles is due to eczema' really bring the character to life. Thanks for shaping such an intersting story.
Nice and light, yet has a meaningful message.
Ha ha ... Usually I'm the one that let's the spiders loose in study hall ... but I can still relate! ;-)
Very clever with lots of great little details.
Wonderful word choices and great imagery. A well-written, entertaining treat! :)
Yay Lynda! :) So happy for you. I didn't know this article was yours, but it was one of my favorites again. Awesome!
Haha! I really enjoyed this. Well written!
Fun!! And I loved the descriptions of PK and Hawkeyes. And your thankfulness to be away from the spider. Clever! Well done, Lynda!
I laughed out loud in a couple of places. Funny story.
Well done Lynda! Glad to see you aren't leaving a place in the Editors' Choice until the last week of the quarter this time around. Congratulations lovely lady. With love, Deb
Congratulations, Lynda. Loved the story! Jo :)
Girly + spidery = shocker! Whew, some lessons are tough to learn, huh.