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Member Comments
Cute! I especially liked the 15" bean - lol. I think I grew some pole beans once that were longer than the average bush bean, but that takes the cake!

Light and fun reading, and reminiscent of the good old days. :-)
Honest, but a little plain. If your point is to exaggerate the simple but happy lifestyle of countryfolk, I would suggest putting in something to contrast it effectively.
This brings back funny memories to not that I live in a city. One weekly paper I used to get would have front page news if the cows got out. You catured this well. Good job.
Oh, this is sooo funny! You certainly have a way with words!
I love that last line with smiling every day. That was a great way to end a great piece. This could be part of a morning devotion, maybe with a theme for being thankful or seeing past the ordinary in everday life. Good job with bringing this to life. ^_^
Thanks for a good dose of "folksy" humor.
Exciting life of country folk. You painted a good picture. Good job.
Oh, this is so cute! I felt like I was back in my childhood on my best friend's dairy farm in Indiana. So true and so delightful!
Reminded me of home. Loved it. I'll save this to read when I'm feeling blue. Great wordsmithing. God bless.
Now, how did the judges miss this? I love it! From childhood days, I know those rural weekly newspaper reports, and I'm also at home in the city. Your sly humor is just perfect to show the difference, and the amusing contrasts. Your writing makes me homesick for the joys of the countryside! Delightful reading!
I agree with Edy. This is absolutely delightful. I was born into a family of farmers, I could really relate. It was a like a visit to my childhood home. You definitely have a way with words.