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I really liked this story -- is it true? Very nice writing. You held my attention from the beginning, hoping it would work out for this couple. Nicely done.
What a great way to write a romance. This was very well done!
So sweet and tender...there's so much emotion here. You take the reader through the excitement of young love, the anguish of separation and ache of longing for hopeful news, the celebration of unity and an ongoing legacy!! Power packed and heart-warming. Good job!

WOW! Charming, sweet and how did you get story to fit within the word limit? Great writing!
Deeply touching. I really liked the reference to the Chocolate Covered Cherry box. Such a cute idea.
Oh, how precious! What a very tender sharing of a wonderful couple's experience during those war years. Not only have you brought to life what happened with this particular couple, but you've given us a story that is a microcosm of the lives of a whole generation who gave up so much to defend our country. I loved this story!
This has me in tears. I'm a military wife and you brought back many emotions...This can only have been written by a romantic heart. Bless you!
This is such a beautiful story, I sit here with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. And I like the touch at the end, wrapping up the entire story with the chocolate-covered cherry box! This needs to be in the book, if you ask me ^;^
Very moving story. I agree with Edy -- this needs to be in the book. I really liked how you discribed what they knew about each other; the important things about who they are.
What a wonderful story, wonderfully written as well. Details added so much to getting to know the characters. Great title. Great writing!