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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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I knew that stuff was bad for you, but I never knew it would cause an intergalactic incident. I enjoyed this, it was fun.
I loved this! Anyone who can combine poetry and Science Fiction is pure genius. I loved the line about the bootleg concoction and galactic crude swill was especially amazing. Great, great job!
Wow! This is incredibly creative. I like your clever choice of a title which gives the poem an added dimension. (It really makes sense though since here on earth the process was called moonshining.) And of course, the Lunar-tics.... what a great play on words, and yet you used it to make a point.
LOL... I enjoyed reading this one...
This was so much fun. As a judge, I could have kissed you for the lighthearted approach. Congratulations! :)
ROFL! What a fun and interesting read! I loved the whole humor thread and the 'lunar-tics' what fun! (and of course, SO Creative!) ^_^
So incredibly creative, and you got a giggle out loud from me a few times as well. Love your own special beth-isms.