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Member Comments
Nice allegory. The feel was part Indiana Jones, part video game.
Wonderful and true message in this clever allegory! :)
Nice use of symbolism in this allegorical adventure. It is well-written and held my attention with its suspense.
I enjoyed the suspense woven through this adventure! You captured my attention and held it!
This is a different approach to adventure. Very good. Very well told.
Well done. I enjoyed the narrative as well as the message of the story.
Loved the suspense and allegory, a nice combination.
Very nice allegory - I love how you put us right in the middle of it with the very first paragraph.
This is great! Would love to see this made into a short movie for youth groups.
I enjoyed this adventurous allegory very much. Good job!
Great allegory. Wonderful visual of our struggles with temptation. You had me wanting to continue reading from the first line. Good job.
This is like a modern-day, alternate verson of Pilgrim's Progress. Very fun. I enjoyed reading it. The dialouge was real and the message was clear. Excellent.
Very good!
Congratulations on your third place. Very well deserved.
My heart was racing from the beginning!