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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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What an entertaining way to illustrate 2 Peter 2:22 (the sow returning to her wallowing in the mire after she has been washed)! Fun!
This is hilarious! Simply delightful. What an interesting way to handle the Challenge. I enjoyed the whole thing, but especially the two lines "Daisy steamed in heat extreme -- It pert' near fried her bacon." Thanks for my laugh for the day. Great job!
What fun! This could easily be a children's book.
Easily could be illustrated...and should be, I agree with above, belongs in a children's book.
Just delightful and fun. I agree - this is a children's book begging to happen! Excellent.
Beth, I judged for this week's theme, and found your entry to be highly entertaining and creative. I agree with the others -- you should seriously consider sending out a few queries to have this published as a book. I'd recommend getting help from those on the boards with the query letter if you haven't done that before.
Beth, I agree with those who said this poem should be made into a book. You could develop it further, add illustrations, etc. But one word of caution - since this is a children's story, maybe you should put a footnote on it that animals can't REALLY be put into washers and dryers. I have heard of children trying. This is just a "joke" suggestion. Your poem was very entertaining and funny. I followed "Sow" all the way in her adventures, but was glad she realized she was a pig and wanted to remain that. Good lesson.
Oh how I love this one hon. Amazing flow and had me in stitches. You are quite the humourous poet my dear. God bless your gift. Wow. I was just glad that the character didn't get fried or smoked. Yes, this cold make a children's book indeed. :0) Janice
This was such a creative idea and very entertaining! The poem has a good rhythm, too. Nice job.